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Kids & Chiropractic

At Arsenault Chiropractic Center we treat all ages of children, even the youngest of infants. As children grow and explore their environments, they are more prone to accidents and sustain more injuries than adults. The best gift we can give our children and families is to help them grow to their potential by keeping their spines in alignment and encourage healthy activities.

A5PBn6n2"Our bodies are our vehicles in this lifetime. Just as I treat my family gently and with respect, it’s natural to treat my body the same way. Chiropractic provides a gentle approach to healthcare, nurturing us inside and out, and helping us to be the best we can be. Outside my body is my family; outside my family is society. As a whole we make up the world. If we take the time to nurture ourselves, our bodies and our children, we can affect the world as a whole and the future of the planet. The next time you feel out of balance or under the weather, take a few moments. Listen to what your body truly is saying."

DeNardo, Lisa (2001). Chiropractic For Life Issue 30,

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